Welcome to The Flower Shops.  We are a family run business located in Southampton with probably the best national flower delivery service to all towns and areas of the United Kingdom.

We’re florist trained with years of experience and as a result always give the recipient of your gift a real delight.  Our bouquets are handcrafted with love and care, and our flowers are freshest blooms.   We love flowers, and are very passionate about what we do. Therefore you can see in every bouquet you send with The Flower Shops our passion.

We make our bouquets in our main flower shop in Eastleigh. We have a team of 5 expert florists.  Each day we receive fresh flowers from our suppliers, and our florists turn them into beautiful blooms, carefully packaged in a flower box.  A well established courier company specializing in flower delivery collects the bouquets daily.  We put the flowers in water bags and deliver them the following day to your flower recipient.   All our customers have flowers remaining fresh for at least 7 days.  There are a few exceptions with some seasonal short lived flowers like sweat peas.

What we can offer

As a full-service florist we make and deliver bouquets of all sizes, shapes and trends.  We make high end luxury bouquets and we have more affordable everyday blooms.  You can add onto your order chocolates, wine, toys and greeting cards to make your gift extra special. Go on try it now.

As well as gift deliveries, we offer a multitude of services such as subscription flowers for your home.  Your flowers are delivered on a regular weekly or monthly basis.  We can assist you with any Weddings & Events, and we have a wide selection of funeral flowers.   Workshops too are becoming increasingly popular way to be with flowers. 

Things our Customers Say
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