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Welcome to The Flower Shops

We are a family run business, with many years experience in floristry. Over the years we have built an excellent network of the finest florists across the UK, delivering same day to all towns and villages of the United Kingdom.  We are unique in that we have one florist working exclusively in a particular region, who learns and shares the values of the whole network.  Every florist is committed to the network and ensuring that the highest standards are met.

Our mission and vision

has been to create a group of florists that are located within a few miles of the recipient, so that the recipient receives freshest blooms, an amazing value for money arrangement, and has the peace of mind to know that the flowers are good for the environment and good for the community.  

Over the last few years as online shopping has grown we have seen an increase in internet marketing companies selling sub standard machine made bouquets from factories, and delivering flowers with courier companies in boxes, often leaving the recipient with wilted and disappointing blooms.  This activity has been negative for the industry and putting high street florists out of business over the last few years, and it is our mission to reverse this and support real florists and bring quality floral arrangements back into UK homes.

Floristry is at the heart of everything we do, and we ensure that our florist partners also share the same passion as we do.  Together as a collective of over 200 florists across the UK we always give the recipient of your gift a real delight.  The Flower Shop bouquets are handcrafted with love and care, and the flowers are freshest blooms.  All of the network of 200 florists are involved in the design process.  Florists love flowers more than anyone, and we are very passionate about what we do.   

The Florist Network

All of the florists who make up the network are reputable high street florists, with years of experience and knowledge.  All bouquets will be made the within 24 hours of delivery, and you never have to worry about your flowers being transported overnight by in courier boxes and getting dried out.  All bouquets are made up in their shops and delivered same day.  We will share with you and the recipient the details of the florist making the order so you can connect directly with them resulting in a better more transparent service.

Each day florists are receiving fresh flowers from their suppliers the florists quickly turn them into beautiful blooms.  The bouquets are then loaded into the local delivery vans and never travel more than a few miles from the shop.  We put the flowers in water bags and deliver them same day to your recipient.   All our customers have a satisfaction guarantee for 7 days otherwise we will reimburse in full.

Order with ease and safety online with us, and relax in the comfort that you have made the best choice for delivery of your flower bouquets.  You couldn’t be in better hands.  If you like also help, read our care tips. Click here to see our care tips.

What we can offer

As a full-service florist we make and deliver bouquets of all sizes, shapes and trends.  We make high end luxury bouquets and we have more affordable everyday blooms.  You can add onto your order chocolates, wine, toys and greeting cards to make your gift extra special. Go on try it now.

As well as gift deliveries, we offer a multitude of services such as subscription flowers for your home.  Your flowers are delivered on a regular weekly or monthly basis.  We can assist you with any Weddings & Events, and we have a wide selection of funeral flowers.   Workshops too are becoming increasingly popular way to be with flowers. 

Things our Customers Say
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