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Halloween Flowers that scares children at the night

We can hear them but we can’t see them. They are everywhere and we can’t hide from them. Do we believe in ghost? or do we believe in what we hear? we have to listen, they are coming….

Tacca chantrieri
1.) Haunted Bat -Tacca chantrieri

A Haunted Bat that chases us like our shadow who tries to imitate our movements. We don’t know what the shadow’s intentions are but were getting panicked and nervous. We wanted to shout and gets some help from the neighbour but the shadow will whisper us to keep our voice down and quiet.

Snapdragon Seed Pod
2.) Skull Faces - Snapdragon Seed Pod

Skull faces with bloody bones that we see in the movies. These skull faces transform into humans and dare with a chainsaw to cut our bones into pieces. We have got to run or else we will be his prisoner. Our mother and father are going to give their best to save us from these skull faces. 

Hydnora Africana flower
3.) Big Mouth - Hydnora Africana

A big-mouthed flower that eats us freshly alive, he has large feet that make bigfoot stamps during the mid-night hour. These foot stamps are creepy, they make our legs shake and take us from our worst nightmare. We need our parents all the time, our parents are the ultimate guardian to protect us against these evil creatures.

Dracula Vampira
4.) Vampire - Dracula Vampira

Dracula flower is a vampire that sucks our blood. The Darkness dragging us down and we can’t see the light. They will deliver us to the evil, we are all frightened and this is the reality that we can’t escape. Respect the elderly so that we can avoid this vampire who will suck our blood.

Bat Face

5.) Night Stalker - Cuphea llavea

Looks like a Bat face that seems to be a Night Stalker. Everywhere we go he is always following us. He is an evil guardian for those rebellious kids and they keep watching on every disobedient child. Look at your back he is just right behind us. If you don’t want this to happen then you have to do what your parents say.

                   Jaguar Flower

6.) Monster - Jaguar Flower

There’s a weird phone call in the midnight hour, we don’t know who is calling and wondering who it is. He is wearing a black jaguar face that looks like a creepy monster. He is coming to consume us, he has bloody hands and scars on his body. We have to run for our lives before it’s going to be too late. Mom and Dad, we need you to fight these jaguar faces, please save us from them.


7.) Eerie smile

There’s a strange woman wearing a mask. This unknown creepy woman wearing an eerie smile mask has the intention to scare children. We might have a nightmare and we must be afraid it happens in real life. These witches are coming for us, don’t get tricked by their beauty because they have bad intentions to kids.

8.) Zombie land - Spider Web flower

There are a lot of missing persons and no one is to be found in the web place. There’s a case of abduction and once they get our human flesh we will turn into a zombie. Most of the abducted people are children, the children that don’t obey their parents are the main target to abduct.

White baneberry

9.) Doll’s Eyeballs - White baneberry

The Doll’s Eyeballs come of our eyes with lots of blood and veins. These strangers will randomly remove people’s eyes without any mercy. Our eyes will look like the White baneberry flower. Imagine and that will seem to be very scary. Our parents won’t let this thing happen to us because they love us so much.

Darlingtonia californica

10.) Grim Reaper - Darlingtonia californica

Darlingtonia californica is a Grim Reaper that is looking for a bad suspicious child, wherever we hide they will come to get us. You have to get some help and we have to get out of this horrific dream. The only thing you can do to escape on this nightmare is to be a good child of your parents.

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