how to spot a real florist online

How to spot a real florist online

Does it matter who makes your flower bouquets and arrangements? Yes, it does!

With several sources of flowers from supermarkets, online factories, home workers on Facebook, and high street florists, it can be confusing where to get the best flower arrangements to send to family and friends. Though all of them provide flowers, it all boils down to how they create a stunning arrangement of fresh flowers that will ‘wow’ the recipient.

With the rise of online marketing and shopping for flowers, you can easily be deceived by the photos of beautiful big flower bouquets and arrangements. It is not difficult to make high-quality images and upload them online for customers to view the products. It’s even easier to copy the photos…

So, how do you recognise a real certified florist online who is going to ensure you receive the flowers that you saw on the photo? Read on to see what separates a real florist from the others.

Why order from a real florist?

When you deal with a real florist, you are getting a good value and your monies worth. A real florist always has a stock of fresh flowers for making different arrangements, as they buy their flowers several times a week from wholesalers that are linked directly to farms. They can offer same-day delivery, as the shop is within the area.

With a real florist, you are skipping the middlemen who take undisclosed commissions, which often are half the value of the bouquet! All transactions are only between you and the florist. Lastly, in case of any problems during purchase, it will be resolved quickly as you are dealing directly with a florist who is not far from where the flowers needed to be delivered.

How do you spot a real florist?

1. A real florist will have an address

When looking for a florist online, you must always look for the address. A real florist will not shy away from the opportunity to display the address of their shop on the homepage. This is because they want their customers to easily find the location of their shop. 

There will usually be a local landline telephone number as the florist is keen to talk to you. Other places where you could find their address are on the ‘About us’ or ‘Contact us’ pages on the website. 

You may find that home workers i.e. florists who do not have a shop, pop down to the local supermarket when they get an order, and they will not provide an address of their shop as they don’t want you turning up at their house. Instead, you will only find a phone number (usually mobile) or an email address.

how to spot a real florist online
how to spot a real florist online
2. A real florist has a physical shop

No matter how small it is, a real florist operates from a flower shop in a city centre, town or village. The shop will have beautiful displays, stocks of fresh flowers and plants and other fabulous offerings. 

Often, the shop has been established for years and part of the neighbourhood for so long. When you do your online research, make sure to check the pictures available and find out if this florist has a physical shop.

3. A real florist has a website

With the rise of online marketing, it is a must for businesses to have a proper website – and by this we don’t mean a Facebook page! It’s easy to set up a Facebook page, but a website serves as the online presence of the florist. 

It is where you will find important details about the florist such as the address, contact details, the florist profile and even the history of the business. More importantly you will find a portfolio of their flower arrangements and an online shop.

When you are researching the website, look out for the certifications listed and awards. Look for GFG (Good Florist Guide) logo if you want to ensure the quality of this florist, or BFA (British Florist Association).

4. A real florist maintains an online shop

A great way to spot a real florist is if they have an online shop section on their website. An online store has products and a dedicated checkout and payment system. Having an online store requires maintenance from a web developer. It can be quite costly to maintain such a feature on a florist website.

Still, real florists will most likely own an online shop to better serve their customers. In this digital day and age, it is a must to post products online and have a safe checkout and payment system.

To check out an example of a real florist’s webshop, click here.

5. A real florist features reviews by real customers

Reviews can be easily written by florists themselves or friends to boost their credibility and popularity. How can you be sure that the reviews on the florist website are written by real people?

A real florist would have an account on a trusted consumer review website or service. The most trusted review system is the one provided by Google. To post a review, a user must be logged in. Moreover, Google spots ‘spam’ reviews and will not accept fake ones. Therefore, you can be sure that the review provided came from a real user.

6. A real florist is listed on Google Maps

A simple search on Google Maps will show if the florist you will be dealing with is a real one. Google Maps only shows listed businesses, which are real florists operating in the area. 

If you don’t find the florist on the map, there is a high chance that you have found a hobbyist florist. If there is an address, zoom in and use the street map view to make sure that it’s a real shop and not a block of flats!

What about florists with social media presence?

It is not enough to have an account and be active on social media. Social media is great for marketing, but it is not the hallmark of a verified florist business. If you wish to work with or shop flowers from a real florist, take the time to look for a real florist, but if you’re in doubt you can always turn to The Flower Shops.

The Flower Shops is a network of real local florists who are ready to serve you. They match all of the requirements on this list as well as offer excellent products and customer service that will make your loved ones happy and satisfied.

Our vision and mission are to support the professional florist on the high street and ensure that local communities still bloom. We are here to support the local florist! Visit our website today:

how to spot a real florist online

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