Blooms in Season: The Flowers of AprilBlooms in Season: The Flowers of April

Blooms in Season: The Flowers of April

After a long winter, we start to see pops of colours in gardens as spring flowers start to bloom. Some flowers are seasonal and we can only get a glimpse of them for a short time.
Want to know which flowers bloom in early spring? Here is the full list of the flowers of April.


1. Agapanthus

The Agapanthus flower goes by the common names Lily of the Nile or African Lily. However, it is not a true lily. This flower is native to South Africa and prefers being under the sun. Its foliage is similar to grass while the blossoms appear in clusters at the tips of the stems.
The most common and popular colour of the agapanthus flower is blue. It comes in light to medium blue with streaks of deeper blue down the petals. You can also find the Agapanthus in white and a few varieties have both colours in the same flower. 
The word Agapanthus is composed of two Greek words, agape meaning ‘love’ and anthos meaning ‘flower’. Thus, the name of the flower in a literal sense means ‘love flower.’

2. Allium

Allium flower is native to Central Asia. It is a globe-like flower of clusters of individual florets. It's shape is round, oval or cascading and comes in bright colours. The shades are white, yellow, pink, purple, and blue.
Allium looks as beautiful in the garden as they do in a vase. They are excellent as cut flowers for both fresh and dried bouquets. In the language of flowers, Allium symbolises unity, good fortune, prosperity, humility and patience.

3. Aster

Star-shaped colourful flowers, the name of the aster flower comes from the Ancient Greek word aster which means ‘star.’ The aster flower has two varieties that are planted in gardens. There is the New England aster and the New York aster. Both plants are native in North America and come in pink, blue and purple.
New England asters have a variety of colours from magenta to deep purple. These are typically larger than New York asters. New York asters range from bright pink to blue-ish purple and come in double, semi-double or single. The aster flower signifies love and wisdom. It is also the emblem of the Roman goddess, Venus.

4. Boronia

The star-like flowers of boronia shrubs are native to Australia. A member of the citrus family, boronia is filled with essential oils in its flowers and foliage. It is often dubbed as 'scent leaf’ because of the fragrance in its leaves. Crushing the leaves unleashes a scent that can be delightful or distressing depending on the plant family you are examining.
The essence of this flower provides peace and clarity. It calms the mind from negative thinking and helps retract from obsessions.

5. Delphinium

Delphiniums are typically found in cottage-style gardens. They are popular perennials in cutting gardens for their tall stature and because of this, they are known as the ‘Queen of the Border’. Typically, the blooms showcase gorgeous shades of blue and purple. Other varieties of delphinium feature lighter and brighter colours such as pink, white, red, and yellow.
The name of the flower comes from the Greek word delphis which means ‘dolphin.’ It refers to the shape of the plants’ flower buds. Delphiniums are mostly used as dried flowers.




6. Gladioli

Gladioli have petals that may be frilly, ruffled, semi-ruffled or plain. Typically, you will find the flowers on one side of the stem with a large bloom at the base. Native to sub-Saharan Africa or mostly South Africa, Gladioli has orchid-like flowers in white, yellow, pink and lavender, to rose, burgundy, purple and even green. 
Gladioli flowers symbolise remembrance. It is also a way to express infatuation. Giving these flowers tells the receiver that he or she pierces the heart. These flowers are also used for showing the strength of character, faithfulness and honour.



7. Hyacinth

It is indeed springtime when you encounter the intoxicating scent of the lovely hyacinth. Bursting with pastel colours, the hyacinth is one of the seasonal flowers in full bloom when most of the garden is just waking up.
Hyacinthus or hyacinths come in a rainbow of colours including lilacs, pinks, white, cobalt blue, cream, apricot and even a blood-red hue. Sending purple hyacinth symbolises deep regret and asks for forgiveness. White ones signify loveliness and offer prayers for someone. Yellow shows jealousy while red is for playtime or recreation.

8. Peony

Peonies are flowers are best as wedding centrepieces and bridal bouquets. You can use peonies on their own, or combine them with other flowers and ferns such as roses and wildflowers.
Peonies are also known as the 12th-anniversary flower. At the same time, people associated with the flower are positive people full of surprises. They are known to have a great heart, and to be good listeners and conversationalist. 
Peonies are known to mean compassion, prosperous life, good health, and happy marriage. That is why people associated with the flower look forward to a bright future.

9. Stocks

Stock flowers are a member of the Brassicaceae family of plants that includes cabbages. It grows in the wild and it is a favourite of cottage gardeners. It is one of the most fragrant flowers you can grow. It emits a pleasant smell that is both sweet and spicy.
Some of the species of stock flowers include the ‘Starlight Sensation’ Stock, ‘White Goddess’ Stock, Legacy’ Stock, and the ‘Cinderella’ Stock. In all, there are 55 species of stock flowers that are known for their long-lasting, scented flowers. Because of this, these flowers are known to mean lasting beauty, happy life and contented existence. The meaning behind the flowers makes them popular in wedding bouquets and arrangements.
These are the flowers that start to bloom in April. Expect the air to be filled with heavenly scents from some of these blooms and see these gifts of nature in gardens, sidewalks and the wild.
For a full list of flowers still blooming in April, refer to the list below: