Celebrate Mother's Day 2021 While in LockdownCelebrate Mother's Day 2021 While in Lockdown

Celebrate Mother's Day 2021 While in Lockdown

Mother's Day in the UK has always been known as one of the most important days to spend with your family. Even with restrictions and social distancing rules to follow, no one can stop families from making their mums feel loved and cared for. This special occasion celebrates maternal figures that have played an important role in our lives. 

Mothers and maternal figures mean so much to us that we can't help but make Mother's Day a big celebration in her life. Think of it as her second birthday. With that, we have thought of a few ways to make her day and bring a smile to her face this Mother's Day 2021.

For those who live with their mums...

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  • Make breakfast in bed

Start the day by serving a full breakfast on a tray. Prepare pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit, and other favourites. You can also order coffee and breakfast from a local shop and have them delivered before she wakes up.

  • Watch a movie marathon

Make the most of your time at home with your favourite lady. Stay glued on the sofa with popcorn while having a marathon of mother-daughter films. As an alternative, you can watch family-themed flicks everyone can relate to.

  • Give her a manicure

There is nothing fancier and more uplifting to the spirits than having pretty and well-kept nails. A mani and pedi session at home is an excellent way to make her feel luxurious. Be sure to be armed with nail polish options while she sits back and gets pampered.

  • Set up a picnic

If you have space outdoors, dine al fresco in your backyard. Have a blanket ready along with takeout from your favourite local restaurant. Prepare picnic snacks to have something to feast on throughout the day.

  • Host a wine tasting

Learn something new this holiday by having a wine tasting. This is a great idea especially if your mum is a fan of wine. Have an intimate wine tasting this Mother's Day with varieties of reds, whites, and rosés. Select a theme to avoid getting overwhelmed.


For those who are far away...

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  • Customise a photobook

Don't let happy memories stay on your phone. Bring them to life by printing them and creating a photobook. Compile the best and most memorable snaps and send your photos to companies that customises photobooks. Mail the finished product straight to her home.

  • Edit a short video

If you prefer spending none to less on a Mother's Day gift, but give her something valuable anyway, you can turn your pictures and videos of you and your mum into a video. Use editing apps you can download on your phone or PC to create your masterpiece. Email your video or send it via social messaging like WhatsApp. We are not guaranteeing that she will be able to keep it dry!

  • Sign up for an online class

Sign up for a course, not for you but your mum. There are several cool and interesting workshops with experts that will give your mum inspiration to do something crafty (flower arranging or cooking classes) or venture into new hobbies. A virtual dance class, yoga, or Pilates class are some examples of wellness classes for breaking a sweat.

  • Host a virtual party

Celebrate the virtual way. Use Zoom or other video conferencing app to play games, watch a virtual concert, or catch up with a cocktail in hand. Cheers to the best woman in the family!

  • Order flowers online

Sending flowers will never go out of style. On such an important occasion as Mother's Day, ordering fresh flowers from a UK flower shop is a sweet gesture. You can order flowers as early as now while local florists still have delivery slots for March 14.

Get flowers delivered on Mother's Day

The Flower Shops guarantees same-day delivery for orders placed before 2 pm. We offer an affordable Mother's Day flower delivery within the UK. To ensure that your flowers arrive on time, we suggest you place an order ahead of time so our florists can allocate their stocks. 

Best flowers to order on Mother's Day

The best flowers to order on Mother's Day are those that represent love towards your mum. The second-best ones to get are those that are in season. As many people will be looking forward to ordering flowers online, you might be surprised when the flowers arrive far from what you were promised.

But if you wish to follow tradition and order popular flowers, you can choose from the Mother's Day flowers on this list.

1. Roses

mixed roses pink roses lilac roses

Make a statement with a bouquet of red roses. Red roses symbolise deep love and affection. Yellows and whites are also popular colours to send to your mum. Yellow means friendship while white ones stand for purity and respect.

Our Mixed Roses arrangement features a blend of colours. The delightful bouquet has pink roses, white roses, Lilac Roses, Pink Spray Roses.

2. Gardenias

The simple beauty of gardenias makes them popular all year round. The demand for gardenias increases during Mothering Sunday as they are said to signify the family.

3. Tulips

Since the occasion falls in spring, tulips are a great alternative to the usual flowers. These seasonal flowers come in almost any colour. Tulips are the ideal spring decor to have at home.

4. Lilies

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All varieties of lilies feature a delightful scent. The big flower stands out and makes a wonderful centrepiece. In general, lilies signify refined beauty. For Mother's Day, order any variety of lily in yellow or orange as these represent cheerfulness and passion, respectively.

For a traditional gift, go for our Pink Lily Bouquet or Darcy. Both have stunning lily flowers with a scented aroma that makes your home feel heavenly.

5. Lisianthus

Smaller than the usual blooms, lisianthus is perfect for adding elegance to your arrangements. A bouquet made of larger blooms, lisianthus and some foliage is guaranteed to make mum happy.

6. Chrysanthemums

A chrysanthemum bouquet is a Mother's Day classic. In England, these flowers symbolise honour and respect. Chrysanthemums come in different shapes and sizes so there is something for all types of mums.

7. Iris

Iris flowers are elegant and beautiful flowers that your mum will love to have. A bouquet sporting these blooms is a must-have this Mother's Day. Their colour and vibrance will brighten any space!

8. Orchids

Orchids have always been a popular choice as a gift for mums. More of a plant than a bouquet, these blooms last for a long time. With proper care, they can be enjoyed for years to come.

9. Carnations

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Carnations have long been associated with the festivities. This forked cluster flower is associated with genuine and down-to-earth people. Choose red carnations for love, pride, and admiration; pink carnations symbolise the love of a woman or mother, and white carnations for innocence and pure love.

Our Jewel Tone Hatbox is a timeless arrangement that features blooms including carnations. Rich in lavender, orange and pink tones, it is the perfect decor for the transition of the season.


Whether you choose to order flowers online, host a virtual party or prepare breakfast in bed, your mum will surely love the surprise. Plan accordingly to make Mother's Day 2021 the best for the #1 woman in the family.