10 Popular Easter Flowers and Their Meanings10 Popular Easter Flowers and Their Meanings

10 Popular Easter Flowers and Their Meanings

Easter is just around the corner and that means so is spring. Both Easter and spring symbolise new life and beginnings. It is no surprise that this is the season in which most flowers bloom. 

Here are ten popular flowers that are either associated with Easter, spring season or both.

     1. Azalea

Azaleas are one of the most beautiful Easter flowers which are famous for their elegant colour and appearance. This flower stands as a symbol for a variety of emotions including passion, temperance, and moderation. An azalea given during the Easter season shows hope for the recipient to take care of themselves for your sake. 

     2. Chrysanthemum

A symbol of cheerfulness, giving a chrysanthemum as an Easter gift indicates how precious the recipient is and that you wish the person greater happiness in life. Popular Easter colours like white and yellow are symbols of slight love and truthfulness, respectively.

     3. Crocus

When a crocus blooms, it is the signal of the beginning of spring. The pastel purple-and-gold hued blooms have a sweet scent. They come in pink, lavender, lilac, white and rose-purple colours. The crocus is a symbol of happiness, cheerfulness, and youth.

     4. Daffodil

The daffodil is known as the Easter flower. In England, the other name for daffodils is 'Lenten lilies' as they bloom early during Lent. Sending a bunch of daffodils as a gift says that you hold the person as the only true love in your life. You also hold him or her in the highest regard. Furthermore, daffodils promise happiness and hope.

     5. Easter Cactus

The Easter cactus is a type of succulent similar to the Christmas cactus. It produces brightly-coloured starry flowers that bloom in spring. Give this as a present to the one who you want to have in your life for eternity.

     6. Gardenia

A gardenia plant has creamy-white flowers with shiny dark green leaves. The flower symbolises compassion, purity of the heart and forgiveness, so the perfect gift if you have something to make up or want to reach out with an understanding message.

     7. Hyacinth

Hyacinth flowers come in the classic pastel colours of Easter - yellow, pink, white, and purple. They represent the splendour of spring and bring out the peace, calmness, joy and playfulness of the season. These flowers bring out a unique sweet scent unlike no other. In the language flowers, a hyacinth represents sport or play while blue ones mean constancy.

     8. Iris

Irises bloom in spring and those with deep purple hues symbolise royalty and inheritances of nobility and wisdom. Especially the real wise ones among us know how to appreciate this flower!

     9. Lilies 

Lilies are popular during Easter. The most popular of its kind is the White Lily. This particular flower is popular for its representation of two virtues - love and hope. It also the symbol of spiritual purity and redemption from sins. At the same time, gifting lilies at Easter shows that you are happy to be acquainted with the recipient. Show your loved ones how special they are to you by sending a White Lily Bouquet.

     10. Tulips

Known as the harbinger of spring, tulips symbolise passion and love. Because of this, it is popular among lovers who wish to express their feelings during Easter. Red tulips mean "I love you" while any colour of tulips sends a clear message that you and your partner's love is perfect. For Easter, white and purple tulips are most suitable. White tulips signify asking for forgiveness while purple ones represent faith and royalty.


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